BBQpad Now Supports Logging Previous Cooks

BBQpad is a powerful tool for tracking your cooks as they happen, providing a way to add updates throughout your cook, record temperatures, photos, and more. For longer smoking sessions such as ribs, pork butts, briskets, and chicken this works well, to track your cook as you go, but for shorter cooks where you do everything in a few minutes (such as a quick sear of a steak) you might not  have time to track your cook in BBQpad, and just want to record it after the fact. You may also have previous cooks fresh in your mind that you would like to track in BBQpad that happened before you joined the site.

So far BBQpad has not been well equipped to track those pre-existing cooks…until now!

We have just added support so that in addition to tracking your cook as it happens, you can also record a cook that has already happened. When you click New Cook to create a cook you can now see an additional option:

If you select Track a cook live as it happens you will get the normal BBQpad experience for tracking your cook and updating your BBQpad cook log as the cook progresses. If you now select Record a cook that has already completed though, BBQpad will ask for your cookers, woods, fuels, and foods as normal, but then provide a simple single entry to provide a written summary of your cook. This provides a simply single shot place to put all the details about your cook.

Here is an example of a recent cook that we did:

As you can see, this makes it simply to summarize your cook, while still using the normal BBQpad features for tracking your rubs, marinades, sauces, and brines, cook/rest times, and rating your food and generating your cook scores.



Making Cooker Selection Easier and More Personalized

Yesterday we shared a new feature for browsing all cookers and fuels that are supported in BBQpad. Today we want to follow up with a few more feature updates.

We have had a few pieces of feedback about improving how our users select cookers and we wanted to share some improvements here that just arrived on BBQpad.

Remembering Your Cooker

One common request we have seen from our users is that many folks use the same cooker, wood, and fuel over and over again and they would prefer if BBQpad remembered the last cooker, wood, and fuel used and pre-selected it when creating a new cook.

Well, we have added this, so the next time you cook, your cooker, wood, and fuel will be pre-selected and ready to roll!

Adding Unknown Cookers/Fuels

While the BBQpad cooker/fuel database is growing every day, some of you will use cookers and fuels that are not in our database. So far you have only been able to select Other Unknown Cooker and Other Unknown Fuel. As one of our users said “this makes me feel less connected to BBQpad as I can’t show which cooker/fuel I am using“.

Well we have fixed this in a neat way. Now when you create a new cook and select your cooker, wood, and fuel, if you select either Other Unknown Cooker or Other Unknown Fuel we will provide a text box where you can enter the cook/fuel brand and model. This will then appear on your cook page.

We are also going to keep an eye on these cooks and when we spot an unknown cooker or fuel, we will add it to our database proper and update your cook to reflect this – this will then make the cooker/fuel available for others to select, display them in our cooker/fuel lists, and in our popular lists too. This also helps to make us more aware of which cookers and fuels are not in our database so we can pro-actively add them.

Alphabetizing Cookers/Woods/Fuels

Finally, our cook, wood, and fuel lists were sometimes listed in a random order and we fixed this so they are alphabetical – this makes them much easier to navigate.

Each of these features was added as a result of your wonderful feedback – keep it coming to and in our comments. Thanks!

All About the Cookers and Fuels

One neat feature of BBQpad is that you can select which cookers, fuels, and woods you are using as part of your cooks. People can then click on one of these cookers or fuels and see more information about them (and soon we are going to show the most recent cooks using the cooker/fuel someone is looking at).

Although you have been able to click on a cooker or fuel on a cook page, we have so far lacked the ability to see all cookers and fuels in our database on BBQpad.

…until now!

Today we landed a new feature on the Most Popular page (which shows the most popular cookers, woods and fuels used in BBQpad) where you can click see all and see a full list of cookers and fuels. It looks like this for the cookers:

and this for the fuels:

Simply click on one of those cookers/fuels to see more details about it!

We Need Your Help!

Now, some of you may look at these pages and not see your cookers or fuels in there.

Unfortunately, we are missing some cookers and fuels, so we would like to invite you good folks to email us with cookers and fuels that we are missing so we can get them added right away.

How do you do this? Simply drop us an email to



New Most Popular Page

We are pleased to announce a brand new page that has recently been added to BBQpad.

It is called the Most Popular page and it lists the most popular Cookers, Woods, and Fuels that BBQpad pitmasters are using. It looks like this:

This page provides a great way of seeing what our pitmasters prefer, and clicking one of the links will take you to a page that provides information about that cooker/fuel, a place for our community to discuss it, and links to places where it is available (such as on Amazon).

This information page looks like this (showing the Weber Performer, already one of the most popular cookers on BBQpad):

Our Most Popular page will continue to be expanded and improved in the future. Do let us know what other information you want to see on it!

In other related news, we have also improved the look and feel of our BBQpad Community page. This page includes our most active pitmasters, newest users, latest cook photos, recently completed cooks, up-coming events and more. It looks like this:

Be sure to see the Most Popular and Community pages!

Be sure to keep up to date with BBQpad news and what our community is cookin’ up on our Facebook page, on Twitter, and in our Google+ community.

Raft Of BBQpad Improvements!

Recently we have been working hard to improve and refine the BBQpad experience so it is easier than ever to track your cooks, share them with others, and refine your ‘cue. If you are new to BBQpad, go and find out more about what it is. Go on, we will wait.

So what have we been up to?

Well, we have been doing some user testing. In other words, asking for volunteers to let us watch them use the pad and then we can find usability issues and get them fixed up so BBQpad is as simple to use as possible. We also used this as an opportunity to add some additional features too!

Remember too that BBQpad works on your Desktop, Laptop, Mobile (such as iPhone and Android) and Tablet (such as the iPad) and supports browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and others.

Let’s roll through the juicy updates…

Cooks Are Now Easier Than Ever!

We have now refined cooks on BBQpad so that they are easier than ever to update.

Firstly, we used to have two different buttons for making updates to your cook (adding a general update (e.g. spritzing) and adding a temperature update). We have simplified this so you only need to hit a single button to update your cook:

With a single click you can update your cook with any changes, temp readings, and whether your food is on or off the cooker. You can even select a photo to show your cook right now (or the beer you are chugging).

Simpler Food Summaries

We have also simplified the food summary on each cook page. Instead of burying the juicy photos in the food information section, we now display them proud and upfront. We have also made it more intuitive to access details of the rubs, sauces, brines, marinades, rest time and other prep – just click/tap the information symbol and it appears (as you can see expanded below for our second butt):

Adding Photos Now Easier

Not only have we made the photos on your cooks more visible, but they are easier than ever to add. Simply click the grey thumbnail icon to select a file from your computer, phone, or tablet.

We have also fixed uploading photos from iPhones so they are not lop-sided and made both uploading and download photos more efficient than ever!

Streamlining How Cooks Are Completed

Traditionally when you had completed a cook in BBQpad you would rate each food item and then click the End This Cook button. Well, we never really liked this button. In fact, we didn’t like it so much that we killed it.

Now, as soon as you have rated your last item we will end your cook for you automatically to save you doing it.

Although the cook is ended, if you want to go and change something (such as a rating) later you can still do so.

BBQpad Pro: Choose Which Cooks Are Private/Public

For our BBQpad Pro users who can make their cooks private, you can now choose this on a per-cook basis. Want to make a cook that you are prepping for a competition private but then have another cook with the family and share it with the community? No worries, this is just a click away on the cook page!

Significantly Expanded About Information

We have also added a number of pages on BBQpad that explain what the site does, what features are included, and more:

We hope you enjoy the updates, and as ever, if you have any comments, questions or queries, be sure to get in touch!

BBQpad Community Summary Now Available

BBQpad is all about the community.

BBQ is social cooking and we want BBQpad to be as social as the cooking itself (beer and friends required). Remember, the site is free and open to anyone to use – go and find out more and get started.

Although we have been seeing some fantastic cooks (and mouthwatering photos) going on in BBQpad, it has been difficult to see all the activity happening in the community in a single place.

Until now!

Today we added a new feature to the site called the Community summary. It looks like this:

See cooks, active pitmasters, photos and more with just a click!

The page provides a quick overview of the activity going on in the BBQpad community. It shows lots of different things:

  • Latest Cook Photos – the latest photos from the latest cooks are displayed, and you can click a button to check out the cook that the photo is part of.
  • Cooks Happening Now – see the latest active cooks and see what the pitmaster is doing, and feel free to go and leave some comments in the discussion part of their cook page to discuss the cook, offer tips, and other discussion.
  • Newest Pitmasters – see who is new around these parts; here are the latest five members who have registered.
  • Most Active Pitmasters – curious to see who is smoking and grilling up the most? Here are the most active ‘cue-ers by order of fully completed and rated cooks.
  • Recently Completed Cooks – check out the recent cooks that have been completed and rated – be sure to go and leave a few comments on the cook to let the pitmaster know your thoughts and tips!

The page also shows up-coming cook offs – such as the rib cook off this weekend (be sure to join us!), as well as the latest news items on this blog and links to our social media communities.

As with everything in BBQpad, your feedback is essential to us, and we want to continue to refine and improve the site, so be sure to share your thoughts!

See the Community summary!