BBQpad Now Supports Logging Previous Cooks

BBQpad is a powerful tool for tracking your cooks as they happen, providing a way to add updates throughout your cook, record temperatures, photos, and more. For longer smoking sessions such as ribs, pork butts, briskets, and chicken this works well, to track your cook as you go, but for shorter cooks where you do everything in a few minutes (such as a quick sear of a steak) you might not  have time to track your cook in BBQpad, and just want to record it after the fact. You may also have previous cooks fresh in your mind that you would like to track in BBQpad that happened before you joined the site.

So far BBQpad has not been well equipped to track those pre-existing cooks…until now!

We have just added support so that in addition to tracking your cook as it happens, you can also record a cook that has already happened. When you click New Cook to create a cook you can now see an additional option:

If you select Track a cook live as it happens you will get the normal BBQpad experience for tracking your cook and updating your BBQpad cook log as the cook progresses. If you now select Record a cook that has already completed though, BBQpad will ask for your cookers, woods, fuels, and foods as normal, but then provide a simple single entry to provide a written summary of your cook. This provides a simply single shot place to put all the details about your cook.

Here is an example of a recent cook that we did:

As you can see, this makes it simply to summarize your cook, while still using the normal BBQpad features for tracking your rubs, marinades, sauces, and brines, cook/rest times, and rating your food and generating your cook scores.



One comment on “BBQpad Now Supports Logging Previous Cooks

  1. Fitoschido says:

    I just hate the Diavlo font! Seems inappropiate for body text.

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