Making Cooker Selection Easier and More Personalized

Yesterday we shared a new feature for browsing all cookers and fuels that are supported in BBQpad. Today we want to follow up with a few more feature updates.

We have had a few pieces of feedback about improving how our users select cookers and we wanted to share some improvements here that just arrived on BBQpad.

Remembering Your Cooker

One common request we have seen from our users is that many folks use the same cooker, wood, and fuel over and over again and they would prefer if BBQpad remembered the last cooker, wood, and fuel used and pre-selected it when creating a new cook.

Well, we have added this, so the next time you cook, your cooker, wood, and fuel will be pre-selected and ready to roll!

Adding Unknown Cookers/Fuels

While the BBQpad cooker/fuel database is growing every day, some of you will use cookers and fuels that are not in our database. So far you have only been able to select Other Unknown Cooker and Other Unknown Fuel. As one of our users said “this makes me feel less connected to BBQpad as I can’t show which cooker/fuel I am using“.

Well we have fixed this in a neat way. Now when you create a new cook and select your cooker, wood, and fuel, if you select either Other Unknown Cooker or Other Unknown Fuel we will provide a text box where you can enter the cook/fuel brand and model. This will then appear on your cook page.

We are also going to keep an eye on these cooks and when we spot an unknown cooker or fuel, we will add it to our database proper and update your cook to reflect this – this will then make the cooker/fuel available for others to select, display them in our cooker/fuel lists, and in our popular lists too. This also helps to make us more aware of which cookers and fuels are not in our database so we can pro-actively add them.

Alphabetizing Cookers/Woods/Fuels

Finally, our cook, wood, and fuel lists were sometimes listed in a random order and we fixed this so they are alphabetical – this makes them much easier to navigate.

Each of these features was added as a result of your wonderful feedback – keep it coming to and in our comments. Thanks!


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