All About the Cookers and Fuels

One neat feature of BBQpad is that you can select which cookers, fuels, and woods you are using as part of your cooks. People can then click on one of these cookers or fuels and see more information about them (and soon we are going to show the most recent cooks using the cooker/fuel someone is looking at).

Although you have been able to click on a cooker or fuel on a cook page, we have so far lacked the ability to see all cookers and fuels in our database on BBQpad.

…until now!

Today we landed a new feature on the Most Popular page (which shows the most popular cookers, woods and fuels used in BBQpad) where you can click see all and see a full list of cookers and fuels. It looks like this for the cookers:

and this for the fuels:

Simply click on one of those cookers/fuels to see more details about it!

We Need Your Help!

Now, some of you may look at these pages and not see your cookers or fuels in there.

Unfortunately, we are missing some cookers and fuels, so we would like to invite you good folks to email us with cookers and fuels that we are missing so we can get them added right away.

How do you do this? Simply drop us an email to




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