The Great Chicken Thigh Cook Off

Do you consider yourself the chicken king/queen?

Do you think you can rage the rooster and cook up the very best chicken thighs in the BBQpad community?

On the weekend of April 20, 2013 – April 21, 2013 we are going to be cooking the meat that challenges everyone to deliver moist results with that bite-through skin that we all savour.

The idea is simple: on that weekend we will all cook the very best chicken thighs we can and track our cooks in BBQpad, and everyone who participates will have their latest updates automatically appear in one place on the cook off page. This provides a great way of cooking together and chatting about our cooks and techniques.

When the cook off is complete the BBQpad team will pick a winner and runner-up based on appearance and pitmaster control. All the details are on the cook off page, just click below to check it out, and we hope to see you join us – everyone is welcome!

See The Great Chicken Thigh Cook Off Event Page

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