New Most Popular Page

We are pleased to announce a brand new page that has recently been added to BBQpad.

It is called the Most Popular page and it lists the most popular Cookers, Woods, and Fuels that BBQpad pitmasters are using. It looks like this:

This page provides a great way of seeing what our pitmasters prefer, and clicking one of the links will take you to a page that provides information about that cooker/fuel, a place for our community to discuss it, and links to places where it is available (such as on Amazon).

This information page looks like this (showing the Weber Performer, already one of the most popular cookers on BBQpad):

Our Most Popular page will continue to be expanded and improved in the future. Do let us know what other information you want to see on it!

In other related news, we have also improved the look and feel of our BBQpad Community page. This page includes our most active pitmasters, newest users, latest cook photos, recently completed cooks, up-coming events and more. It looks like this:

Be sure to see the Most Popular and Community pages!

Be sure to keep up to date with BBQpad news and what our community is cookin’ up on our Facebook page, on Twitter, and in our Google+ community.


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