Our First BBQpad Cook Off!

When we built BBQpad, the very first goal was to create an awesome tool for tracking all the details about your cooks. This modern replacement for the venerable cook’s notebook helps you get a better idea of what you are doing in your cooks, your temperature control, track photos of how your food looks throughout the cooking process and at the end, and other details. BBQpad makes tracking and reviewing your cooks dead simple, and helps you to improve your ‘cue.

Another goal of BBQpad though is to make it as inherently social as BBQ cooking itself (friends and beer required). With BBQpad you can share your cooks with others, and other pitmasters can offer comments and feedback and more.

Well, I am pleased to announce a new feature in BBQpad that continues this social theme – online cook offs!

Joining the cook off simple and a fun way to cook together!

The idea is simple: there will be a number of cook off events on BBQpad in which everyone is welcome to join and participate in. The cook off will happen on a specific date period and cover a specific food, and pitmasters from around the world will all cook together, tracking their cooks on BBQpad.

To take part you simply go to the event page on the date(s) of the event, create a new cook as part of the event, and track your cook in BBQpad. As you and others cook you can see the latest cook updates from these different cooks all in one place, as well as discussion from those watching the cook off. We also encourage those of you who tweet to tweet about your cooks with the #bbqpad hashtag, and those tweets appear on the cook off page too. This provides a great way of cooking together and having fun with the cook off.

At the end of the cook off the BBQpad team will then review all of the cooks and pick a winner and runner-up based on the following criteria:

  • The visual quality of the food – we will take a look at the pictures of the food and judge which ‘cue looks the most flavorful and tender.
  • The capabilities of the pitmaster – we will review each of the cook logs and judge how well the pitmaster was able to control and react to their cooks, such as controlling temperature changes, keeping the food moist, inventive approaches to their cooking, interesting rubs/marinades/brines, maintaining a detailed log on BBQpad, and other areas. Importantly: this doesn’t mean you have to have a perfect cook, but it is more about your technique and approach when cooking and reacting to changes. As an example, if your smoker jumps in temp quickly and you manage to get it back under control quickly, you will be given points for this competent reaction to the temperature change.

The whole idea here is to have some fun cooking together, watching each others cooks, and sharing discussion, feedback, and tips.

Our First Cook Off!

Our very first cook off is going to take part from 2nd – 3rd March 2013 and will be a rib cook. You are welcome to cook any kind of ribs you like; baby backs, spares, St. Louis, beef ribs…all are welcome in the cook off!

Everyone is welcome to perform their cooks anytime that weekend, whenever is convenient to you.

How To Take Part

The cook off is open to anyone and all you need is a free BBQpad account. Click here to register.

When you have registered and logged in, click here to see the event page. All you need to do is come back to the event page on 2nd – 3rd March 2013 and click the button to create a cook as part of the event.

Now start cooking and be sure to take some awesome pictures while you are cooking and of the end result!

Are you ready to bring it on in the rib stakes?

When you have completed your cook, be sure to click the End Cook button on your cook page to complete the cook. Also be sure to click the Rate This Item button next to each completed food to provide your own personal rating for taste, tenderness, and appearance of your food.

We will then review all the cooks and announce the winners right here on the BBQpad blog a few days later.

We look forward to seeing you in the competition!

Keeping Up To Date

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to keep up to date with the cook off and other BBQpad related news.

Join The Cook Off!


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